Your new
valuation partner

Introducing BVOPro, the accounting software designed by accountants, for accountants. Our easy-to-use portal and powerful tools make business valuations faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before. With BVOPro, you can tailor your valuations to your client’s unique needs, keeping the power in your hands. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to greater efficiency and accuracy. Get started with BVOPro today and revolutionise the way you work.

Valuations your way

We understand that you know your clients’ businesses better than anyone else. That’s why our software is designed to give you the freedom to conduct valuations in the way that best suits your clients’ needs. With our powerful tools and flexible approach, you can stay in control every step of the way and deliver results that truly reflect your expertise.

Flexible solutions

We know that flexibility is crucial to you and your firm, that’s why we developed BVOPro – a groundbreaking software that empowers you to conduct your own business valuations and streamline your workload. With our tiered subscription plans, you can pick the option that fits your needs best and access our cutting-edge valuation portal, which has been perfected over the past ten years.

Feel supported

Contact us anytime via our support desk, phone or email. Need help during your valuation? Press the Help Me button at any point for access to video archives, expert as- sistance, or even our team finishing the valuation for you.

A cutting-edge valuation
tool designed specifically
for accountants.

Its primary purpose is to simplify the business valuation process and put you in control of the parameters. Unlike automated services, BVOPro values your expertise and insights, we recognise that you know your client’s business best.
In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a tool like BVOPro is essential for accountants. It enables you to deliver high-quality, bespoke valuations that meet your client’s expectations while saving time and reducing errors. By utilising our portal, you can provide your clients with valuable insights to help them make informed business decisions and drive their businesses forward. BVOPro is a valuable investment for any accountant looking to streamline the business valuation process and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Our expert team is just a click away with our take it over service

With one click, our experienced professionals will take over and complete the valuation on your behalf, ensuring accuracy and reliability. With a fast turnaround time of just 5 business days, let us take the pressure off, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. The fee payable will depend on your subscription level and the progress made on your valuation so far. We even offer a Quality Assurance Review, whereby one of our senior experts will review your work and provide feedback to you to action.

Because we want to see Australian businesses thrive, we have created our
Value Amplifier Dashboard

Which comes with all valuations processed through BVOPro that have goodwill. The Valuation Amplifier Dashboard is a powerful, user-friendly tool that helps you and your clients identify and prioritise critical drivers of business value. Using sophisticated algorithms to analyse data from various sources, including financial statements, industry benchmarks, and market data, the dashboard provides insights into the factors most critical to driving business value. This information allows accountants to create a strategic plan with their clients to allocate resources, invest in growth opportunities, and optimise operations to maximise business value.

Flexible plans for all your valuation needs


Our Gold plan provides medium to larger firms with maximum flexibility for their business valuation needs. The perfect solution for an all- inclusive BVOPro benefits package.



Our Silver plan offers adaptable solutions to small to medium sized firms seeking valuable BVOPro benefits at an affordable price point.



Our Bronze plan offers essential business valuation benefits, the perfect starting point for managing your valuations with one valuation included per year, followed by a pay-as-you-go system for subsequent valuations.


  Gold Silver Bronze
Monthly Valuation Allowance
Your subscription plan includes a specific number of valuations per month. If you need to perform additional valuations beyond your plan limit, you can add them for an extra fee. Please note that any unused valuations from your monthly allowance will not carry over to the following month.
3/month 1/month 1/annum
Excess Valuation Pricing
If you exceed the number of valuations included in your subscription plan, you can easily add additional valuations for a fee. This allows you to accommodate unexpected valuation requests or sudden increases in workload without having to upgrade your entire plan.
A$399 A$399 A$399
Customisation of Valuation Report
Customise your valuation report to showcase your expertise and highlight the information most important to your clients. With our software, you have full control over the content of the report, allowing you to tailor it to your clients’ needs and preferences.
Branding of Valuation Report
Customise your valuation report with your firm’s branding guidelines, logos, and fonts. We’ll create a fully branded report displaying your visual identity, ensuring a professional look for all valuations. Includes “Powered by BVO Pro” badge to showcase industry- leading valuation software.
Maximum number of users per subscription tier.
10 3 1
Automated System Follow-Ups
This feature simplifies the valuation process by allowing you to request any missing financial information with the click of a button. A request for the outstanding data will be automatically emailed to the client or stakeholder, saving you time and streamlining the valuation process.
Customer Service
Get answers to your commonly asked questions with our chatbot function, available to all subscription tiers. Gold and Corporate members get priority support through phone and email, while all tiers can reach out through our landline and email during business hours.
Phone & Email Priority Service Email & Phone Email & Phone


Our Corporate plan offers the ultimate business valuation solution, with benefits beyond our Gold plan. Corporate subscribers receive a designated webpage reflecting their branding and access to our suite of tools, allowing customisation of valuation reports to align with branding guidelines. The report’s content can be modified with different elements, including graphs, tables, and text, to create a professional and cohesive image tailored to subscribers’ needs.

Monthly Valuation AllowancePOA
Excess Valuation PricingPOA
Branded Portal
Complete White-Label Reports

Profitability Calculator

Calculate your potential profits with our Profitability Calculator. Complete the following to determine the best subscription plan for your firm and the potential profit margins per valuation.

Expected number of valuations per year
Approximate staff hourly pay / charge rate $
Approximate staff hours
Assumed valuation sale price $
Optimum plan
Approximate profit per valuation
On a 12 month pre paid plan
Annual cost on monthly plan
Annual plan savings
Total cost inclusive of valuation charges
Annual Profit Added with BVOPro